The Company That Can.

That is our motto. With over 30 years of experience in the RF industry, Technalogix has maintained a reputation for quality and reliability. Technalogix is located in the heart of Central Alberta. 100% of our transmitters are designed, manufactured and assembled in Canada. We build modulators, digital & analog TV transmitters, ISM amplifiers and much more. Browse from the list of RF equipment below and find the right tool for your needs. 

Simple Intuitive UI

Every Technalogix TV & ISM Amplifier includes an interactive 4.3" WQVGA Colour Touch Display interface. From the display you have full control of your system. You can control the exact RF output power, or monitor the status of the transmitter. The UI alerts the user when an issue has occurred by sounding an alarm and recording the event.

Browse Products

Technalogix provides a suite of amplifiers and modulators suitable for your application. We incorporate the latest, highest efficiency, next generation 50V LDMOS devices in most of our digital and analog designs, giving you the customer savings in power consumption and operating costs year after year.

Our extensive use of “COTS” parts save customers huge amounts of downtime and maintenance costs if they ever need to replace anything. A typical example is power supplies – to replace ours cost the consumer only a few hundred dollars, where others may charge thousands of dollars for their custom designs. These savings continue all the way throughout our product line.


Browse our standard lineup of UHF & VHF (Band-I & Band-III) Digital TV amplifiers. Technalogix offers high quality amplifiers with a broad range of power levels that will meet your requirements.


Technalogix offers continued support for your Analog TV setup so you can keep your legacy system active. Click here to browse our selection.


Technalogix FM transmitters provide reliability at low cost without sacrificing performance. Click here to browse our suite of FM transmitters. 

Industrial, scientific & medical

At Technalogix we work with our clients to design custom amplifier systems tailored to the client's specifications. Click here for more information.  

video processing & delivery

Our lineup of RF modulators offer extensive options and support for many input & output formats to meet your requirements. Complete your system with a quality modulator. Click here to browse from our selection.


Browse our list of accessories including RF components (couplers, filters, splitter, combiners, etc), power supplies or have a look at some of our specialty products.