About Technalogix

Engineer and Company Experience

With over 30 years of experience in the RF industry, Technalogix has maintained a reputation for quality and reliability. Technalogix is located in the heart of Central Alberta. 100% of our transmitters are designed, manufactured and assembled in Canada. We build modulators, digital & analog TV transmitters, ISM amplifiers and much more. Browse from the list of RF equipment below and find the right tool for your needs.

Technalogix the first manufacturer to design and install wireless DOCSIS systems in North America. Since then, it has spearheaded rural broadband and wireless internet and data systems in North America and has expanded into many other countries. Applications include internet/data systems in subscription wireless, oil and gas communications, and real time data monitoring, to name a few.

Product Line

The Technalogix product line is extensive, including HDTV and SDTV Digital transmitters and translators and  has grown its product line to include television translators and higher power systems. We also have Analog transmitters and translators and Digital and Analog microwave links. We also offer not only power amplifiers and transmitters, but complete turnkey broadcast package design and sales, and now uses all of the latest high efficiency devices. Our Digital and Analog FM line is the highest quality, lowest priced North American product on the market, and our digital and analog transmitters provide superior quality and best value.  Customers range from small video transmission firms with custom applications to major national broadcasters with analog and digital (8VSB, DVB) applications.