Vector Network Analyzer Search Tool Updated

Vector Network Analyzer Search Tool Updated

We have recently updated the Vector Network Analyzer Category on everything RF. The goal was to simplify the search for VNA’s. To do so we surveyed a number of users to better understand how they search for a Vector Network Analyzer.

Physical Properties & Control - The first step in the process is to specify the type of VNA, is it a conventional Box with a screen on it, or is it a USB controlled VNA or maybe a PXI based VNA. This can be done using the Type filter in the category. Next, comes the Equipment Type filter, where you can specify if you are looking for a Benchtop analyser or a Handheld Analyser or if it is a PXI module. These two filters are key, as they tell us what type of analyser you are looking for.

Initially we have 10 other filters which we though was over kill. So we dumbed it down to two additional filters - Frequency and the Number of Ports.

Once you select these four filters, we can confidently give you a short list of products that match your specification. You can then click on the products in the search results to get detailed specifications.

Currently we have listed over 80 VNA’s from 9 manufacturers. Let us know if we are missing anyone. Also, if you have any feedback on this category or feel there is a better way to categorize VNA’s we are all ears!

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