Microwave Frequency Bands

Microwave Frequency Bands

The microwave spectrum is usually defined as a range of frequencies ranging from 1 GHz to over 100 GHz. This range has been divided into a number of frequency bands, each represented by a letter. There are a number of organizations that assign these letter bands. The most common being the IEEE Radar Bands followed by NATO Radio Bands and ITU Bands. Below you can see tables with details on each letter band. Click on the letter band to learn more about it and find products on everything RF that can be used for in this band.

Letter Designation Frequency Range Wavelength Range More Details
L band 1 to 2 GHz 15 cm to 30 cm More Details
S band 2 to 4 GHz 7.5 cm to 15 cm More Details
C band 4 to 8 GHz 3.75 cm to 7.5 cm More Details
X band 8 to 12 GHz 25 cm to 37.5 cm More Details
Ku band 12 to 18 GHz 16.7 mm to 25 mm More Details
K band 18 to 26.5 GHz 11.3 mm to 16.7 mm More Details
Ka band 26.5 to 40 GHz 5.0 mm to 11.3 mm More Details
Q band 33 to 50 GHz 6.0 mm to 9.0 mm More Details
U band 40 to 60 GHz 5.0 mm to 7.5 mm More Details
V band 50 to 75 GHz 4.0 mm to 6.0 mm More Details
W band 75 to 110 GHz 2.7 mm to 4.0 mm More Details
F band 90 to 110 GHz 2.1 mm to 3.3 mm More Details
D band 110 to 170 GHz 1.8 mm to 2.7 mm More Details


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