FM Transmitters

Technalogix’s state of the art solid state FM transmitters offer low cost feature rich, high quality, easily maintained units in powers from 50 watts to 5000 watts, incorporating standard features that you’ll only find in higher cost units.

Product Details

 Class leading standard feature set included at NO EXTRA CHARGE: Stereo Encoder, RBDS/RDS Generator, SCA, Low Pass Filter, FSK, and Repeater Applications.
Built in compressor/limiter Efficient OLED front panel monitoring
World class reliability and quality from North American design and manufacture Frequency agile 87.5 - 108MHz
AES, S/PDIF, and analog audio inputs standard
Unmatched efficiency with state-of-the-art transistors and power supply
Extensive monitoring through Ethernet, SNMP, and parallel interface
2 Year Warranty
*Please refer to Brochure for sizes.*

Product List

TXF-50 TechnalogiX FM amplifier 50W transmitter power out