It was great to chat with you, I did want to share my thoughts on your products and my experience with the equipment and your team.

I’ve been taking care of the over the air television service for Duchesne and Uintah Counties here in Utah for over twenty years; I inherited an aging system that still had tube type transmission equipment that was old, failing and in desperate need of replacement. Fast forward to today and we find ourselves in the same situation with an aging system that is in desperate need of upgrading, we have had some help over the past few years and acquired some new transmission equipment and at the time we were excited to have new gear, that hasn’t been the best experience.

In my twenty plus years of working with this type of equipment, I’ve seen numerous companies come and go, a name that has been mentioned to me over and over again is Technalogix, this summer, after an extremely painful and costly winter, I ordered my first set of transmitters and front end equipment, I worked with Bob who really went above and beyond to get us the very best deal. Everything has been seamless from getting the quotes from Bob, the staff working with our County Clerks, to the shipping and delivery of the equipment. I received my equipment quickly, and once installed had everything on the air with only a few minor operator issues.

I did encounter an issue, I spoke with tech support, and they were absolutely wonderful to deal with, I went over what steps I had taken to troubleshoot the problem, Mohammad gave me some great tips and really helped me narrow down the actual issue, after a quick diagnostic we found the culprit and he helped me make a quick repair and immediately sent me the parts to do a permanent repair, needless to say, I was able to get the unit operational quickly and this gave me an opportunity to pop the hood on this new transmitter and take a look. First impression was, Wow! In all my years of working on TV transmitters, it is rare to find handwritten levels, and notes inside the transmitter, as a tech that does this when I balance and tune, it made my confidence in this company even higher, the only reason you would write level measurement, voltages, and current is if you actually tested the unit and made the measurement! Well done, finally a company that understands, that a sample from a mass-produced unit doesn’t give an accurate representation of what this piece of equipment is actually going to do. The attention to detail, and the knowledge of the product speaks volumes to caliber of company Technalogix is. Now I understand why their name gets brought up in the small circle of techs that I talk with, we all have the same opinion, and we all will but using this equipment, and recommending this company for years to come.

Thank you for your attention to detail, the service after the sale, and understanding that these small County “Free” TV systems are not only needed but vital to the small rural communities, without your commitment to these areas, this type of system would not be able to survive. Keep up the good work!