Analog TV Transmitters

Technalogix’s line of Analog TV Amplifiers provide the same high quality and reliability as our Digital TV Amplifiers. If you need a system that operates in harsh and unfavourable operating conditions, look no further. With a simple setup and an intuitive interface, getting your legacy system on the air has never been easier. 

Transmitter Features

 Full remote control and monitoring from your PC or mobile device.
 Overdrive, and VSWR protection.
Full color touchscreen display
Efficient switching power supply
 Sync Stretch, White Clip, Video Detect, thorough Modulator
● Ethernet and SNMP
2 Year Warranty on Amplifier
1 Year Warranty on Modulator

Analog TV Amplifiers

TAU-25 = Technalogix Amplifier UHF 25 Watt transmitter power out
Note: The list below is our standard Technalogix lineup of Analog Transmitters. Custom power levels are available upon request. 

Technalogix Analog UHF Amplifers

Technalogix Analog VHF-L & VHF-H Amplifers